Best IoT Device Management Platforms: A Comprehensive Comparison

Work with your dedicated project manager and engineers to create multi-platform, fully integrated IoT apps for your customers using state-of-the-art integrated architectures, MVP development, and thorough testing services. The IoT device management platform should be flexible and support various devices and protocols. Furthermore, it should adapt to changing requirements and seamlessly integrate with other platforms. In developing the 193-page report, the analyst team at IoT Analytics studied over 450 technology companies that offer IoT platform technology elements and reviewed 1,600 implemented enterprise IoT platform projects. Further input to the report included 20 completed surveys from leading IoT platform providers, 27 completed surveys from IoT platform end-users, 20+ industry interviews and numerous expert discussions at 10+ leading IoT conferences.

  • Tuya helps us to change from a national dealer of HikVision and Dahua into a smart home brand using our own Watashi logo.
  • Software Ag (46 partners), Microsoft (43) and AWS (43) have more than 2x the number of partners which makes them stand out from the rest of the IoT platform vendors.
  • PI system provides well interfaces and connectors to other systems and its open for new trends such as machine learing, AI and clouds computing.
  • By 2029, forecasters have predicted, the IoT industry will reach a global market size of more than $2.4 trillion with the shift from mere connectivity to IoT-powered applications, platforms and services.

Paid platforms can range in pricing from $10/month for up to 20 things to hundreds of dollars a month for enterprise scaling. Some vendors, such as AWS, will segment pricing both by the volume of devices and by the kinds of actions being taken with or by each device on their platform. Pricing is still extremely varied, and is made more complicated by the prevalence of open-source products. These platforms are free to download and are monetized via paid consulting and support, although specific pricing for those services is generally not public.

Azure IoT Hub

This predictive capability facilitates efficient inventory management, reducing excess stock, and minimizing stockouts, thus optimizing working capital. In addition, AI/ML-driven algorithms optimize logistics, streamlining transportation networks and reducing costs. One of the most significant challenges facing retailers today is the orchestration of a seamless consumer experience across multiple channels, such as online, in store, and hybrid models that combine the two. Many grocers have developed innovative technologies that allow customers to place orders online, that notify the customer when the order is ready, and that then detect when the customer is nearby, creating a seamless customer experience. Network-wide inventory visibility is essential for enabling unified commerce. With network-wide inventory visibility, companies can avoid stockouts and overstock situations, reducing carrying costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

iot management platform vendors

By doing so, those platforms will likely not appeal to the masses but if done right, it will earn them a spot to pitch their solutions to a small set of highly interested customers. The IoT platform vendor market is highly competitive with many small and large players providing differentiated services. Just for an idea of how this market has grown over the five-year period, funding went from $1.2 billion in 2011 to nearly $3 billion in 2015, as per a report from CB Insights. Xage uses blockchain technology to provide a security platform for industrial IoT applications.

Industry 5.0 Is Coming: Here’s What You Should Know

Bosch IoT Suite also supports various IoT protocols such as MQTT and CoAP. It offers secure device connectivity, management, and data processing capabilities. AWS IoT Core also integrates with other AWS services, such as Lambda and Kinesis, allowing developers to build complex IoT applications quickly. When selecting an IoT device iot platform vendors management platform, there are various factors to consider, including scalability, security, compatibility with different connectivity protocols, data analytics capabilities, and more. IoT Analytics is the leading provider of market insights & competitive intelligence for the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Industry 4.0.

iot management platform vendors

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and this Internet-of-Things phenomenon, or otherwise IoT, is connecting more and more devices. Tech startups and established enterprises are linking devices to operate together, making it user-friendly. Best IoT companies include teams of various scope and from all walks of life/fields. Cisco’s IoT Cloud Connect was first introduced by mobile operators but has become popular for industrial and individual IoT device management use cases. It provides reliable hardware such as routers, gateways, switches, and access points.

Integration with other platforms

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Canopy, by CT4, collects and controls data from IoT and connected devices using a single control plane. Software AG markets software products in technologies like DBMS, application modernization, SOA, BPMS and ESB.[47] Below are a few of their products on the market. The insights presented in this report are the result of a robust research methodology that includes data collection, analysis, and validation.

What are Managed IoT Connectivity Services?

We work together as real partners with KPN to prove the innovative capabilities of their IoT platform, LORA technologie and services. I have found th software to be a powerful tool for managing and analyzing large amounts of IoT data. The platform is highly customizable, allowing for easy integration with a variety of IoT devices and sensors.

iot management platform vendors

This has resulted in an increase in our working efficiencies and confidence in our asset up-time. Overall, MindSphere has been a huge component of our business’ success story. Armis eliminates security blind spots for businesses by continuously monitoring every device that’s connected to or in the vicinity of a company’s network. Services include comprehensive device and asset recovery and non-disruptive passive monitoring.

Trending Products

Altairicore customers have appreciated the platform for its great usability, something critical to engage the end-users. Gartner defines managed IoT connectivity services as a market that enables connectivity, data collection and analysis, and additional decision services that are necessary for connected solutions. For large organizations, managed IoT connectivity services are normally delivered fully managed, including dedicated help desk and project and service management capabilities. For midsize and small organizations, they are frequently delivered as a self-service provided through an IoT connectivity management portal, including Level 2 and Level 3 back-office support.

After 4 years of development, in 2016, the senior management parted ways and established an independent company, KaaIoT Technologies, focusing on the open source IoT Platform. According to LinkedIn the company has 100+ in-house engineers and is involved in 200+ community projects (where people work together to provide a piece of open source code for the platform ) either completed or currently ongoing. IoT management platforms provide the ability to ingest, manage and analyze data from a wide variety of connected devices. Gembo provides a smart city solution with great data analytics, visualization and monitoring. It helps city utility managers gain real-time insights into the overall effectiveness of their waste processing, power, water purifier plants, etc. It supports a large variety of utility equipment for instant time-to-big-data.

Who uses IoT device management platforms?

Most current IoT platform companies are now offering vertical solutions alongside their platform offering. We enjoy working with Deutsche Telekom and being able to user their online platforms. In particular, the technical support provided by personal contacts stands out. The project involved the placement of the PowerNEST, an installation with wind turbines modules with solar panels on top, on the roof of one of our buildings. A product that provides insight into the enery generation and consumption in the building.

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